Home TYPE A Tiantangsan ultra light bag capsule sunshade sunshade sunscreen anti UV folding umbrella for sunny and rainy women
$208 (tax inclusive)
Tiantangsan ultra light bag capsule sunshade sunshade sunscreen anti UV folding umbrella for sunny and rainy women
Tiantangsan ultra light bag capsule sunshade sunshade sunscreen anti ultraviolet folding umbrella for sunny and rainy women 50% off small sky blue [picture price brand quotation] - Jingdong
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Product Name: Paradise fashion pioneerProduct Name: Paradise fashion pioneer
Commodity number: 68792278619Commodity number: 68792278619
Shop: Suxi home storeShop: Suxi home store
Gross weight: 200.00gGross weight: 200.00g
Origin of goods: Chinese mainlandOrigin of goods: Chinese mainland
Article number: fashion pioneerArticle number: fashion pioneer
Raincoat size: one size fits allRaincoat size: one size fits all
Category: sunshade, sunny umbrellaCategory: sunshade, sunny umbrella
Umbrella discount: 50%Umbrella discount: 50%
Opening mode: ManualOpening mode: Manual
Umbrella surface radius: 48 (including) - 53 (including) cmUmbrella surface radius: 48 (including) - 53 (including) cm
Pattern: solidPattern: solid
Color: otherColor: other
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